Brand Panel Real-Use Cases: What’s Working with Metaverse Brand Activations

The Vans marketing team claims the Metaverse is the best place to build brand awareness among its core demographic (13–35-year-olds). Small surprise, since the brand’s online park has seen over 50 million visitors to date. But not every organization has the budget or resources to replicate Nikeland or even the Gucci Garden on Roblox. Join to hear how to break into the Metaverse without breaking the bank:

  • Inspiring examples: How consumer and B2B companies are entering the Metaverse
  • Money matters: Where to allocate dollars—insights and average spends
  • Measuring the Metaverse: Essential KPIs others are using to track results
  • The buzz factor: How to parlay your Metaverse efforts into media placement
  • Metaverse @ work: How VR/AR can boost employee engagement and productivity
  • Bonus: When to expect the NFT bubble to pop—and what’s next for the Metaverse
  • Joanna Popper
    Global Head of Virtual Reality, Go-to-Market & Content Partnerships
  • Robin Rowe
    Metaverse Producer
    Heroic Robots
  • Jeffrey Klein
    Senior Executive Director
  • Tamra Knepfer
    Founder and President
  • Brian Pittman
    Virtual Events Producer and Moderator
    Ragan Communications