Balancing AI Hope, Hype and Hazards: Leveraging Opps and Countering Threats Like Deepfakes

AI presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for Public Affairs professionals—this emerging technology will change both the way you work and the issues you work on, opening new lanes for creativity while raising new policy and legal issues that you’ll need to help your organizations navigate. As we work through this new technological evolution, our expert will help you consider:

  • Enhanced efficiencies: How AI can help optimize your workday, support message and content creation, and improve engagement for your advocacy and initiatives.
  • Targeted engagement: How to leverage AI for audience engagement, allowing you to reach key stakeholders with more personalized and relevant content.
  • Issue management: How AI tools enable your ability to understand and respond to emerging issues, helping you stay ahead in comms and crisis management.
  • Deepfake dilemmas: How to approach issues around AI-generated deepfakes — including potential faux political ads featuring your exec(s).
  • Legal and policy challenges: A snapshot of the legal, policy and regulatory AI landscape to help you prepare.
  • Brent Colburn
    Vice President of Public Affairs