Avoiding Frankenstein’s monster: Find a consistent brand voice in the digital age

Long before humans could even write, we used storytelling to communicate. Through spoken language and drawings, our ancestors would entertain, teach, and sometimes complain about rival storytellers. Not everyone was adept at sharing stories, so storytellers were scarce and had to be highly skilled.

In today’s digital age, brand stories come to life only after being refined and perfected by numerous teams. Your stories must be purpose-built to resonate with a myriad of audiences across vastly different mediums. Here’s the challenge: Content built in a cross-functional manner often feels disjointed and even crude to digitally savvy consumers. With countless contributors behind the scenes and numerous online channels, how can you maintain any semblance of a consistent brand voice?

Thom Lytle, senior director of social business for Dell (and junior gothic horror historian), will show you how to spot and ultimately prevent a grotesque patchwork of personalities across your digital content.

  • Thom Lytle
    Senior director of social business