Are You In or Out? The Great Debate on Web 3.0, NFTs, the Metaverse and More

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest buzz? Unsure which tools and techniques are must-have versus nice-to-have? Still trying to adapt your measurement strategy to today’s privacy-centric world? This fun, interactive session opens the floor to you and your peers on these and other hot-topic matters facing PR. Come ready to chime in and learn the latest on:

  • FAQ: Beyond the Metaverse hype—key definitions and misconceptions
  • Inspiring examples of activations and entry points for more conservative brands
  • Discussion: How to relate to the Web 3.0 generation and expand your audience
  • Discussion: How NFTs and crypto art can boost mainstream and social media buzz
  • Discussion: How to incorporate the Metaverse into your role and get your team aligned—plus ideas you can take back to your leadership
  • Bonus discussion: The latest data privacy guidelines—including more qualitative learnings you can take away from your Metaverse efforts
  • Marji Sherman
    Vice President, Digital
    Cognito Media