Are you guilty of intranet malpractice? A modern approach to classic intranet mistakes

Through the power of big data and real-world success stories, Daren Jennings, vice president of sales at Interact, explores how classic intranet missteps may be holding your organization back—and what you can do about it. This session will cover best practices for getting the most out of your content, how a mobile-first approach to comms will engage your dispersed workforce and what “keeping your employees on mute” can really cost your business.

Key Highlights:

  • The best time to deliver internal communications
  • The impact of hosting on employee contribution
  • Blogging as a collaboration technique
  • Are social posts too risky—and should they be monitored?
  • Is intelligent content suggestion just a gimmick?
  • Daren Jennings
    Vice president of sales