An SEO Crash Course: Optimizing Your Content and Campaigns

Crafting outstanding content is only part of the challenge for digital communicators. You must also serve up that content to the right audiences on the right channels at the right time—and back up that valuable information with an equally outstanding customer experience with your brand’s digital presence. Omi Sido, Senior Technical SEO Manager at Canon Europe, will run you through a fast-paced SEO “crash course” and reveal what you need to create and deliver dynamic content catered to target audiences—along with ways to draw those consumers to your website, where they can become loyal customers.

You’ll learn:

  • How SEO fits into the digital media puzzle and can extend your content’s reach
  • Audience behavior and search trends you should know to get the most clicks and decrease your bounce rate
  • Ways you can optimize your website today—no matter your budget or team size
  • How to take advantage of keyword analysis and link-building best practices to stand apart from the competition
  • Omi Sido
    Senior Technical SEO Manager
    Canon Europe