Advancing Your Speechwriting and Public Affairs Skills—and Finding Humor in a Challenging Time

In 2011, David Litt became one of the youngest White House speechwriters in history, and he would go on to serve as a senior speechwriter for former President Barack Obama. Described as “an unlikely comic muse for the president,” he took the lead on four of Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinners and went on to be a head writer and producer for Funny or Die. Join us for a fireside chat with the author of the New York Times best-selling memoir “Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years.’

He’ll share his insights on how to:

  • Thrive as a communicator new to the field or in a new organization
  • Fast-track your career as a speechwriter or communications advisor
  • Gain the trust of principals and help them step out of their comfort zones
  • Maintain a sense of humor in your writing even in a heated political climate
  • Understand when comedy can help or hurt your messages, especially during times of crisis

  • David Litt
    Former senior speechwriter to former President Barack Obama
  • Brad Jenkins
    Managing Director and Executive Producer
    Funny or Die