Addressing Inequity in Communities and Reaching Diverse Audiences with Your Organization’s Message

The past year saw systematic inequity and injustice thrown into an unforgiving spotlight—and nonprofit organizations in particular play a critical role in making much-needed progress for the communities they serve. Join us for a discussion on how these communicators doubled down on their commitment to building a more inclusive organization culture and creating change for marginalized populations.

You’ll learn:

  • How to thoughtfully consider the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on the communities you serve
  • How your current messaging and tactics may more effectively reach diverse and intersectional groups of supporters or beneficiaries
  • How to make your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion clear to funders who are paying increased attention to the matter
  • How to make diversity, equity and inclusion a central part of your organization’s mission and purpose
  • How to go beyond words and take action to address racism and inequity in your community
  • Dani Chitwood
    Assistant Director
    Special Olympics Illinois in Chicago
  • Teri Wade
    Vice President, Marketing and Communications
    Amida Care