#AdaptiveContent: Using responsive design to reinvent corporate storytelling and reignite ROI

This is your wake-up call: The clock is ticking on traditional “brand journalism.” But in today’s real-time mobile environment where consumers use a variety of screens and new social platforms launch every day, savvy communicators can avoid irrelevance—not to mention, chaos and confusion—by rethinking digital content through the lens of responsive storytelling and design. Brian Solis will reveal exactly how the “intelligent content” movement can revitalize your content marketing program, audience relevance and ROI. You’ll leave this inspiring keynote with practical steps you can use immediately to create more engaging, shareable and culturally relevant content for every network and screen.

Key Takeaways:

  • What’s wrong with “brand journalism” and content marketing today
  • How to re-think your content strategy to more effectively tell your brand story in the era of cross-platform, mobile-ready content
  • Responsive storytelling principles: How to transform content into more interactive, shareable and relevant vehicles that build brand and ROI
  • Understanding social objects and why they matter to content
  • Social media tips: Activating social objects to spark desired outcomes
  • Measurement insights: How every communicator should rethink ROI