Adapting to a Rapidly Shifting News Cycle with Content Journalism Across Social Media Platforms

Standing out to reporters and media coverage headlines is a tall order in a noisy and cluttered news media landscape. With COVID-19, social justice protests, data collection and privacy concerns and more dominating headlines, communicators face even bigger challenges to move the needle for their organizations. Though social media has sped up an already quickly moving news cycle, savvy communicators who embrace the power of its reach to spread information and messages can win big. Jose Salas, Spokesperson and Social Media Manager for Denver Water, will share how the organization has harnessed the power of social media along with storytelling best practices to consistently publish information, updates and stories on its blog and across Twitter, LinkedIn and more. He’ll also share how these efforts have streamlined reporter inquiries and helped Denver Water gain additional media coverage while strengthening journalist relationships—and how you can implement similar strategies.

You’ll learn:

  • How to drive media coverage (and website traffic) with content journalism efforts
  • Ways to harness the power of Twitter, LinkedIn and more as information channels for journalists
  • Steps for creating content strategies that consistently address current trends and news
  • Jose Salas
    Spokesperson and Social Media Manager
    Denver Water