Adaptable Public Affairs Content Strategy: How to Move Fast in a Lockdown World

Change is the one constant in government and public affairs—especially in an election year when issues shift quickly. Yet many public affairs teams prefer to play it safe and stick with the same static content that fails to keep pace with the news cycle. Join this session to see how to break free from boring with an adaptable public affairs content strategy that keeps you relevant and in sync with sudden pivots in public perception, policies and preferences. You’ll learn:

  • Adaptable content strategy: How The Aerospace Corp. team upshifted from 30-day approval cycles and boring press releases to owning the “Wild West of Space” by moving with agility and speed while embracing:
    • A broadcast newsroom mindset (including hiring videographers).
    • Long- and short-form video (including cutting-edge animation).
    • Trend-driven media briefings (e.g., a media primer on AI and space).
    • Cultural relevancy (e.g., framing content around “Our American Way of Life”).
  • How to market shape: A step-by-step guide for defining a thought leadership platform that’s proactive and years ahead—instead of reactive.
  • People over processes: How to tap into the passions of your SMEs to “think great thoughts” and deliver posts, programs and policies that impact real people.
  • Diversity driving change: How DEI builds your “change power” so your team can be more inclusive, responsive and adaptable—plus how to tackle diversity fatigue.
  • Agility through data: Measurement tools to unleash agile content—plus how data can help public affairs teams manage risk to ensure they’re not moving “too fast.”
  • Alison Bauerlein
    Principal Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications
    The Aerospace Corporation