A Trusted Voice: How Pfizer Stepped Out of the Social Media Shadows in 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic raged and the race for a vaccine began in 2020, the communications team at Pfizer knew that the stakes were too high for nary a misstep in their real-time messaging strategy. Lives were literally on the line and it was up to them to lead with smart and compelling messaging. In this closing keynote, Ellen Gerstein, Senior Director, Content & Engagement, Corporate Affairs at Pfizer will share her insider perspective on the pharmaceutical brand’s social media evolution and explain how her team moved from reactive messaging to an educational, instructive approach, leading the conversation and forging social media partnerships with other pharma companies. More than the story of how Pfizer’s social media strategy earned a seat at the table, Ellen will illuminate how she and her team rose to this unprecedented challenge, sharing the best practices and (really) no-cost tactics that you can take back to your team and integrate into your strategy immediately.

  • Ellen Gerstein
    Senior Director, Content Strategy & Engagement, Corporate Affairs