A Survival Guide for Today’s PR Pro: How to blur lines, bust silos and build bridges

How do you expand your media coverage and online engagement at a time when newsrooms, attention spans and the organic reach of social media are all shrinking? What could your organization possibly have in common with a local nonprofit children’s hospital? In this highly caffeinated keynote, Jake Jacobson, director of public relations at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, will make you laugh, cry and ultimately feel grateful you didn’t sleep in as you discover the answers to these questions—and more secrets to PR success.

Key Highlights:

  • How to weave media relations, social media and community engagement into seamless, successful PR
  • How to replace the traditional pitch with a cycle of communication (crafting, sharing, listening and amplifying) that reaches journalists and your target audience
  • How to share, stretch and punch up your content while keeping a consistent voice
  • The best blend of channels and appeals to achieve your organization’s goals
  • Effective metrics for executives, even (or especially) if you’re “not a numbers person”
  • How you can embrace the changing face of PR—and have fun in the process
  • Jake Jacobson
    Former director of PR
    Children’s Mercy Kansas City