A Shot in the Arm! Dare to Take Risks, Beat Adversity and Create a Bold Culture

If your internal, external and executive comms teams don’t collaborate and lear from each other, you run the risk of fostering confusion and disengagement — especially during times that require bold, decisive action. Join to hear how Walgreens adapted to adversity while facing its biggest historical challenge — and successfully embraced a fleeting opportunity to reposition the brand for the future. You’ll learn:

  • The pandemic paradox: How Walgreen’s culture is changing for the better during the pandemic — transforming the organization into a “real healthcare company”
  • What Walgreen’s communications team would do differently in the future — including hard-won lessons for ensuring your #1 asset (your employees) are taken care of despite pandemic burnout
  • How to align internal, external and executive comms messaging when working with employees, local/state/federal government and a media corps desperate for updates
  • The John Legend Effect: How Walgreens harnessed earned media, influencer marketing, partnerships and social media to address issues like vaccine equity and disinformation
  • Bold vs reckless? Lessons to help communicators overcome the bias against risk
  • Fraser Engerman
    Senior Director of External Relations