30 Ideas in 30 Minutes

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What You’ll Learn:: 

It’s unlikely that you want to get rejected when you submit your brilliance to the respected speechwriting venue, “Vital Speeches of the Day”?

Yet the way certain leaders push writers to lard speech scripts with thank-yous and long-winded jokes, one might conclude they are trying to get turned down.

That’s a problem, says Editor David Murray, because the techniques that might earn you glory in the magazine that publishes great speeches are precisely those that keep your audiences’ attention on your speaker.

Murray and a panel of top speechwriters offer tips in the new Ragan Training session, “30 ideas in 30 minutes.” Their guidance goes beyond speeches, offering techniques for those trying to keep readers awake in many other formats.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to keep listeners interested—and off their smart phones.
  • Why you should take inspiration from the “Star Wars” theme
  • How to fill your mind with great speeches
  • Why you should read your work back aloud
  • Why it’s not about your speaker or your organization. It’s about your audience
March 2015

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Presenter bio: 

Greg Bell

Gregory Bell serves as senior speechwriter to the secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Rosemary King

Rosemary King, Ph.D., has written for national leaders in the charitable community, in the private sector, and at the highest levels of government, including the Secretary of Defense, four-star generals, and members of Congress.

levey david

David Levey has been a communications professional for 20 years. He worked in-house for several organizations in Cleveland, as a columnist for Crain's, and for the federal government in Washington.

David Murray on Ragan Training

David Murray is a writer and journalist who writes and speaks frequently on corporate, political and personal communication, mainly corporate communication and speechwriting.

Luke Boggs

Luke Boggs is director of executive communications for The Coca-Cola Company.

Larry Parnell

Larry Parnell is program director of George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management.