Practical PR Virtual Master Class

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Friday, September 22, 2017 - 1:00pm
2 Hours and 25 Minutes

1:00-1:45 PM

Our brains are hooked on stories—feed that need!

A compelling story can come from something as simple as six words.

You don't need reams of copy or a million-dollar video budget to tell a captivating story that will engage people's minds in ways that taglines and product pitches simply can't.

This session looks behind the scenes at how corporate storytelling works at FedEx. You'll hear concrete examples of written and video communications built around stories, not around bullet points.

Key Highlights:

  • Ways the FedEx content production and brand journalism team approach to storytelling
  • How to communicate your brand's values through supported causes
  • How to build stories that span multiple platforms
  • How to engage with people through the things they love
  • How to be subtle, but make your brand relevant
Jason Baker, is Sr. Communications Specialist for global content production and brand journalism at Fed Ex

1:50-2:35 PM

Making your own news: How to use internal stories to create external media opportunities

It's easy to get media attention when you work for an organization that has exciting products or broad consumer appeal. But what if you're in a niche industry or your services aren't inherently newsworthy? Savvy PR professionals know that sometimes you have to create your own news. And one of the best places to look for ideas is within your own walls. This session will teach you how to use employee stories to create human interest pitches, leverage your subject matter experts for thought leadership opportunities and survey your clients to find the type of data that gets media attention.

Key Highlights:

  • Work with your internal communication team to identify PR opportunities
  • Share stories that show off your organization's culture
  • Turn executives and other leaders into content contributors
  • Use paid media placements to create earned media opportunities
  • Turn your customers' opinions into quantifiable data
Spencer Sutherland, is Public Relations Manager at CHG Healthcare Services

2:40-3:25 PM

Doing better PR with less, and having a ton of fun in the process

What do Paul Rudd, a crayon shortage, a Microsoft Surface and lawnmower safety tips have in common? How do you pitch stories at a time when newsrooms, attention spans and the organic reach of social media are all shrinking? What could your brand possibly have in common with a local nonprofit children's hospital? And most important, how could this session be better than a good afternoon nap? Jake Jacobson, Director of Public Relations at Children's Mercy Kansas City, will share all of those answers and more.

Key Highlights:

  • How strategic storytelling can stretch your content further than you thought possible
  • How a cycle of content—crafting, pitching, amplifying—can create more ways to speak directly to a journalist or consumer
  • How to identify stories your audience will love, many of which are hiding in plain sight
  • The importance of identifying champions and cheerleaders inside and outside of your organization
  • How to find the best mix of channels and appeals to achieve your brand's various strategic goals
Jake Jacobson, is Director of Public Relations at Children’s Mercy Kansas City