Social rebranding: How American Airlines launched a new fleet and a new social media branding campaign

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Looking to make a splash in social media as you roll out new products or announce big changes?

Are you frustrated by consumer inattention?

Join Jon Bird as he opens the books on American Airlines’ rebranding effort, a marketing campaign that extended from social media to traditional advertising.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How a major brand used social media to reposition itself
  • Best practices for integrated marketing campaigns
  • To capitalize on key moments and opportunities throughout the year
  • How social listening and analytics help you grasp consumer sentiment for a rebranding or for other major initiatives
  • How to activate major sponsorships in a smarter, targeted and less expensive way

In the airline industry, the battle for consumer attention is as high-stakes as it comes. Hear how AA came out ahead through its integrated campaign. Bird shows how the iconic airline is evolving to become more modern, refreshing, and innovative.

Learn how to use social media to connect and engage consumers with the new and evolving direction of your organization in a meaningful way. Are you using your history effectively? Hear how pivotal moments in AA’s history were used to change the way people see the company.

AA leveraged major transformational announcements and key moments to plug its new and refreshed products. Find out how the airline matched its marketing with its business approach.

American pushed teaser messages across eight social platforms to heighten anticipation. Find out how American embedded social hooks and sharing mechanisms throughout its site. Find out how the company switched to new branding in real-time (Twitter icon, Facebook cover photo, etc.).

Bird fills you in on how AA activated influencer, blogger and advocate relationships with personal messages from the team.

Got video? Learn from a Behind the Scenes video series posted to YouTube. Find out how paid social media helped push the word.

Hear about live-casting events and how attendees were encouraged to share using #newAmerican. Learn from AA’s display at the annual SXSW conference, including its digital lounge where attendees could recharge, interact with products, get a massage, and tweet photos.

Bird even talks about how American opened its data to developers for a contest to build the next great travel app.

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April 2014

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Jon Bird is currently creative manager for social marketing at American Airlines.