Social! How to survive in a world changing at the speed of light

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Did you know that in 10 years, 40 percent of the Fortune 500 companies will no longer be here?

Don’t get swept away by change, says Carlos Dominguez. Become a change agent, and champion transformation in your company. You may just be its savior.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Key characteristics of successful the bewildering Digital Age
  • How to weave social media into the fabric of your organization
  • How social tools can help you innovate
  • The unfamiliar skills required to adapt to markets changing lightning-fast
  • The supreme importance of collaboration in everything in this new world.

Drawing on a fast-paced, dazzling array of facts and funny video clips, Carlos explains how the world has changed far more in the last 20 years than in the previous 2,000—or 20,000 years. And Carlos asserts that the rate of change increases geometrically, not arithmetically.

What IN THE WORLD are we to make of all this?

  • Fact: It takes an 18-34-year-old just 1 ½ minutes to touch a tablet screen from the time she gets up in the morning. (It takes her elders that long to realize the alarm clock has gone off!)
  • More people use a cellphone than use a toothbrush, he says (which means there will be a lot of toothless cellphone users).
  • 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute—every minute!
  • Women are more active than men online.
  • Yet 40% percent of companies admit to having no governance of social media.
  • If these changes don’t make your head spin, consider this, Carlos says: 20 years ago we didn’t have the Web. Ten years ago there were no social networks.

“It’s created a new environment,” he says. We just don’t fully realize this great, overwhelming fact yet.

Carlos will show you how to negotiate this environment, where “the medium is the message.” He’ll help you understand that:

  • Complexity is on the rise
  • Disruption is continuous
  • People in groups, masses and whole nations have more power than ever
  • Brands have less control
  • Everything speeds up—geometrically

People power has changed the world, from Egypt to the customer backlash against Bank of America when it decreed it would charge customers $5 a month to use debit cards.

Carlos shows you how to survive the upheaval that has rebooted business, government and society. And he enumerates the self-preservation qualities of companies that will survive this epochal period of corporate extinction. They all demand product leadership, collaboration, proactive adaptation to technology, and innovation.

Do you want to be a thought leader in this coming maelstrom? Then you must watch this disturbing, fascinating, sobering session.

May 2012

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Carlos Dominguez (@CarlosDominguez) is the senior vice president, Office of the Chairman of the Board at Cisco and a technology evangelist who inspires audiences worldwide about how technology transforms the ways we communicate, collaborate and work. Carlos’ funny, animated presentations burst with deep insight into how technology and the right culture renew a company and create a fanatically loyal, engaged customer base. Drawing on his 18 years at Cisco, he describes how technology doesn’t merely penetrate business, it transforms it—and the wide world. Carlos.insists that prescriptive measures are absolutely necessary for your company to survive the next five years. And he offers practical ideas about where to start and how to use technology to be one of those survivors in the terrifying, exhilarating new Internet economy.