Rally ’round your corporate mission: Fire up your workforce!

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Your zip code is likely to determine your destiny in the United States. Education is crumbling in many areas.

And only 8 percent of young people from low-income families graduate from college by the time they are 24.

If you were an organization trying to reverse these trends, you would want to recruit committed individuals—and retain a talented staff—through great communications. Whether you work for government, a for-profit company, or a nonprofit, Justin Fong will have strategies for opening up two-way communications that will help you meet your mission.

In this session you will learn how Teach For America keeps the fire burning:

  • Open chats with the president: Let your executives build a transparent culture
  • The Blank Show: A monthly TV show highlights stories and features in each region
  • Yammer: Give your employees voice with an enterprise social network
  • Weekly podcasts: Invite a diverse set of voices to tell the story of your mission
  • Leadership journeys: Immerse your people in the realities of your mission

The best companies get their employees to think beyond their desks and their cubicle walls, to think and act as part of something much larger than themselves and their work. The result is a happier and more committed workforce that sees the greater value in their everyday contributions. Find out how Teach For America uses new media and hands-on experiences to deepen employee investment in the organization's mission.

Hear how Teach For America began offering a live “Chat with Matt” to allow contact with its CEO. Hear how he uses topical discussions on matters such as the Chicago teachers strike to address questions among his staff.

Hear how Teach For America uses Yammer to enhance the live discussion—every day. Fong shares discussions so you can see the kind of honest dialogue that emerges on the platform. And it provides groups for discussion, ranging from Working Dads to Low Income Background.

Hear why a talk show—like The Blank Show—is easier to produce than videos. Learn how easy it is to produce a live hour-long chat—providing employees with candor and humor that might not make it through the editing process of a less spontaneous medium like a newsletter. Trying to get out of your office and highlight regional successes? Hear how The Blank Show does that.

Find out how a show can unite and inform staff in a widely scattered organization. Learn how it can help you celebrate what’s going on. Get Justin’s tips on how to build an audience and get people to watch the show.

December 2012

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Justin Fong is the vice president of internal communications at Teach For America, whose mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting the nation's most promising future leaders in the effort. Justin joined Teach For America's national staff in 2010, aiming to increase staff engagement and build a more connected community among the more than 1,700 staff members spread out across over 46 offices in the United States. Justin manages large initiatives including the staff intranet, the Office of the Future workplace design group, and “The Blank Show,” a monthly live video broadcast to the entire organization.