Policy and Persuasion: Former U.S. presidents' speechwriters discuss speechwriting in the post-truth era

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What You’ll Learn:: 

For all the romance of writing for a U.S. president, the challenges common to any speechwriter—working with a speaker, knowing the audience, researching and distilling complex topics—well, to say they are amplified would be an understatement. In this panel, speechwriters who have held the top job contemplate what it means to be in their field—when audiences seek feelings over facts online and in speeches, and when they demand a direct line of communication with their leaders.

Key Highlights:

  • When to push back and when to let it go, so you can make your point without damaging your relationship
  • How to keep your writing fresh, when the message stays the same
  • How your message can break through in a crowded, fractured media environment
March 2017

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Presenter bio: 

Vinca LaFleur

Noam Neusner

Chris Michel

Sarada Peri