From order-taker to strategic partner: Transform your communications to match your business strategy

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When Michele Sullivan started out at Land O’Lakes, she and the chief executive met for a chat.

He told her he’d added an ambitious goal to the company to-do list.

As she recalls it, he said, “We actually want to double the size of the company. And in doing that, we have to change the way we do things today.”

So how do you make comms a key part of that? In “From order-taker to strategic partner: Transform your communications to match your business strategy,” you’ll hear about:

  • The critical importance of writing a strategic plan
  • How to build trust with senior management and cross-functional leaders
  • How to set up processes and tools that enable message consistency and integration
  • How to build a high-functioning communications team

Sure, a communicator’s job is to protect the company reputation and communicate to employees. But are you striving to do things in new ways, asks Michele Sullivan, director of corporate communications for Land O'Lakes.

Ask what you need to do that helps drive the business, and make sure to measure, she says in this session. Hear how to stay fresh in an evolving environment. How do you build a pipeline to create solutions that might not be invented yet?

Learn how to understand and translate the poobahs’ goals to your audience.

“First and foremost, we’ve got to be courageous,” she says. “It’s easy to go into an organization and say, well, this is the way we’ve always done it.”

“It’s really hard sometimes to drive change.”

In the push for company expansion, Sullivan vowed that communications would lead the way. Learn how you can be a leader.

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November 2013

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Michele Sullivan is the director of corporate communications for Land O'Lakes. She builds the reputation of Land O'Lakes, Inc., the $14-billion, Fortune-200-ranked cooperative. She transforms corporate communications to engage members and employees while shaping the perceptions of customers, influencers and communities. Sixteen years at global companies such as Microsoft and HTC have earned Michele the reputation of a change agent. Her successes span public relations, brand messaging, leadership communications, employee engagement, change management, merger and acquisition integration and multi-cultural communication.