Making Your Own News: How to use internal stories to create external media opportunities

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It's easy to get media attention when you work for an organization that has exciting products or broad consumer appeal. But what if you're in a niche industry or your services aren't inherently newsworthy? Savvy PR professionals know that sometimes you have to create your own news. And one of the best places to look for ideas is within your own walls. This session will teach you how to use employee stories to create human interest pitches, leverage your subject matter experts for thought leadership opportunities and survey your clients to find the type of data that gets media attention.

Key Highlights:

  • Work with your internal communication team to identify PR opportunities
  • Share stories that show off your organization's culture
  • Turn executives and other leaders into content contributors
  • Use paid media placements to create earned media opportunities
  • Turn your customers' opinions into quantifiable data
  • Repurpose content for both earned and owned media channels
June 2017

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Spencer Sutherland leads public relations for CHG Healthcare, the nation's largest physician staffing organization. Over the past decade, he has represented organizations ranging from local startups to multibillion dollar healthcare companies. In his free time, he writes about music for several online publications, raises three kids (who he generally likes) and is finishing a graphic novel about his misadventures in Amsterdam. @spencer_chg