Intranets & the Digital Workplace

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Unlock your intranet’s superpowers: Leap tall silos with a single site!

All organizations have them: the unintentional villains of the modern workplace: Silos that segregate information in online attic closets. Barriers to collaboration. With their sidekicks, Email and Meeting Overload, they sneak into unsuspecting organizations to thwart success.

Spectrum Health neutralizes those silos with a single site, creating a huge cultural change. Your workforce communicates, forms teams, collaborates, converses and connects to other employees easily, naturally, like Facebook.

Key Takeaways:

  • Connection – Connect employees across departments with social business tools
  • Communication – Make employees content creators. Share information quicker and easier
  • Collaboration – Move work out of Outlook and Office to encourage constant collaboration and efficiency
  • Working Out Loud – Encouraging leaders to contribute to create a culture of engagement and transparency
  • Super-users – Advocacy programs make your online communities stronger than ever, lift customer service to new heights

Get organic engagement with sticky, addictive digital-workplace tools

High-performing employees want tools and platforms that give them an edge in their jobs and careers. Leaders want a workforce of innovators, collaborators and thought leaders who will invent, disrupt and achieve hitherto-unthinkable firsts in business and technology.

With this in mind, Comcast has launched an array of à la carte digital tools that engage and empower its technical employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • An e-mentoring platform that acts like a dating site, matching employees with senior professionals according to their career aspirations
  • Collaboration tools that help teams connect, create and build things across geographies and time zones
  • A blog site that employees contribute to and read. This blog powerfully stimulates employee development (and it put an end to the old newsletter)
  • Community sites where employees celebrate wins, recognize colleagues and promote volunteering
  • An ‘Ideas Portal’ where employees propose new concepts, connect with like-minded peers, get feedback, refine their ideas and bring them to production
June 2016

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