How Newsrooms Use Social Media to Report and Break News—and How that Helps You as a PR Pro

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Breaking news has gone social. Reporters are often too busy to cover your story. Everybody with an iPhone is a reporter—all it takes is one unflattering image to give your brand a black eye.

Do these trends mean give up and cower in your basement? Not at all. The same trends that upend traditional media can work in your behalf. You just need to know how to exploit them.

Key Takeaways:

  • How a newsroom uses social media to break and report news
  • Why non-news times (when news is scarce) are just as valuable as news times when the news is on
  • How newsrooms encourage street journalism
  • How newsrooms decide who is a credible source and who isn't
  • To be a newsroom asset, not an annoyance, by providing value to reporters' coverage
  • Quick do's and don'ts of talking on-camera: How you can help your clients
April 2014

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Lee Gordon oversees PR, multimedia, and web projects at 180 Communications, which also does media training. He is a journalism veteran, working as a television sports and news anchor at CBS and FOX for 15 years.