How many hats can you wear as a writer? Writing for print, online, social media, and multimedia

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Admit it, Steve Crescenzo says: Nobody’s dying to read your copy.

Nobody wakes up and says: “Hot damn, honey! No breakfast for me. The employee publication’s coming out today.”

Writing for organizations is hard, says Crescenzo. He has been there. He knows what you’re up against. The approval process mangles your copy, sucking the personality and voice out of your clever turns of phrase and grabby headlines.

You may be stuck writing acronyms and jargon—and doing so in the first paragraph. Executives have a fear of creativity and want to do things the way they’ve always done.

That won’t work anymore. Learn why you can’t think of yourself as just a writer. It’s now about being a content producer. You have to think about video, pictures, audio, social media, and other areas.

In this session from a Ragan conference, Steve Crescenzo will show you:

  • How to change your writing style when you toggle among blogs, traditional stories, podcasts, print writing, and writing for the Web;
  • How to apply textbook rules for great writing to every vehicle you write for;
  • How to inject personality and character into your content for social media;
  • How to master the two kinds of writing needed in today's communication.

Steve asks the hard questions: How many of you have been bored with what you’re writing—at the time you’re writing it?

Learn to shake it up, stop fighting the wrong battles, and focus your attention on what you need to get done.

Think you don’t need to change? Better reconsider. Steve shows examples of Cosmopolitan magazine headlines you’re competing against, such as “Foreplay Men Crave” and “Mind Tricks That Melt Pounds.” Meanwhile, you’re writing headlines like, “Schwarz Aligns for Future Growth.”

What does that mean for communicators? Steve will show you how to get creative and cut through all the things that are competing for your employees’ attention. Find out how to compelling and give people a reason to read your stuff when your organization isn’t their priority. Be concise so people don’t have to spend a lot of time sifting through torpid copy.

“Corporate” writing is dead, Steve says. Find out what’s next—and how you can use vibrant new media to grab people. Discover the power of images, and learn how they transcend cultural barriers and speak effectively to diverse groups. Plus, you’ll learn an easy “Facebook test” for your communications.

Steve’s session is chock-full of examples—and resounds with his unique brand of humor. Join him, and find out how to win fans throughout your organization.

November 2012

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Steve Crescenzo, CEO of Crescenzo Communications, is a highly sought-after consultant, writer, and seminar leader. One of the nation's leading experts in employee communications, he has helped thousands of communicators improve their print and electronic communication. Steve was voted the No. 1 seminar leader for the IABC Global Conference for three years in a row (2008, 2009, and 2010) and has spoken in IABCs "All Star Track" for the past five years. Steve also speaks at IABC chapter and district events across America and in Europe, writes a column in IABC's Communication World, and is the author of the popular blog, Corporate Hallucinations.