How to Build a Newsroom in Your Organization That Lands You Coverage in the New York Times

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Whether you're a PR, marketing or communications department of one or a team of 100, your organization trusts you. It relies on you to do the difficult job of distilling your message and writing it perfectly, but then also pushing it through a crowded, chaotic content landscape into the right hands. In this session, Rotary International's Petina Dixon-Jenkins will reveal how Rotary assembled the perfect team of writers and communicators to launch an enviable integrated communications and media plan operating under the hashtag #endpolio. Her team's structure mirrored the "beats" a traditional publication would have: PR, celebrity engagement, social and digital media. Rotary tested messages to learn what influenced and moved people to action on all channels. Its media plan worked so well, it landed Rotary a TIME magazine cover and a front-page New York Times article.

Session Highlights:

  • How to launch a memorable, powerful message in a large organization (Rotary has more than a million members)
  • The importance of finding media partners who are the right fit. First step: Identify who is covering similar stories
  • How to find new and different story angles when it seems they've been exhausted
  • How you can set up a "field visit" to get reporters interested in your subject
  • How to create a striking, stand-out hashtag that reaches people all over the world
August 2016

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Presenter bio: 

Petina Dixon-Jenkins is Rotary’s corporate communications manager, responsible for a team that produces executive speeches, editorials and thought leadership pieces, e-mail marketing, the organization's Annual Report, and leads celebrity engagement, media relations, and social media for Rotary's award-winning "End Polio Now" program, a global initiative to eradicate the paralyzing and sometimes deadly disease polio. Petina has worked for Rotary for 15 years, and has led the successful polio eradication communications efforts for Rotary since joining that team in 2008. @rotary