A day in the life of New Belgium Brewery: Use SharePoint to boost productivity and increase department collaboration

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Let’s say you run a brewery, and you dream up a great idea for a new beer. Call it Chocolate Coffee Stout.

Served cold and jet black, this imperial stout with its dark foam would offer a bold mix of flavors and traditions. A sure hit with customers, you think.

But then consider the amount of email involved in getting this product out the door. Development. Branding. Compliance. Marketing.

At some companies it would be discouraging enough to force you to discard the idea like an empty hurled at a recycling bin. But not at New Belgium Brewery (which actually does have a Chocolate Coffee Stout).

Perhaps you’ve heard that SharePoint can be more than a document hub—and more than just displaying and sharing content. But how can you utilize your work culture and the tools within SharePoint to get work done? Are you using SharePoint to its greatest capacity? In “A day in the life...everyday work in SharePoint!” Tye Eyden of New Belgium Brewery details how to boost productivity and increase department collaboration through that underappreciated SharePoint.

In this session from Ragan’s SharePoint 2010 for Corporate Communicators Summit, you'll learn to:

  • Incorporate business apps to get work done daily across the business
  • Improve business processes quickly
  • Implement simple out-of-the-box functionality
  • Discover ways to de-silo your business
  • Build sustainable SharePoint connections and get your workforce onboard
  • Push SharePoint to the limit!

New Belgium’s workforce has adopted SharePoint to provide fun applications and features to use that make a difference from implementation to sales.

Find out why an employee-owned, wind- and solar-powered brewing company uses SharePoint to meet business needs, boost efficiency, decrease rework and automate processes.

Find out how the social networking, self-service model enables people to make better decisions and connect with information faster.

Maybe you’ve heard all that before but aren’t seeing it in your own SharePoint. Eden addresses your questions straight on: “SharePoint is the best pool party you’ve been to, but if it’s so great, why aren’t more people jumping in?” he asks.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Learn why SharePoint requires internal promotion and adoption, and how to evolve your email from intranet, email and meetings to connection and collaboration.

Discover how to better your business applications to get work done every day across your organization. Find out how SharePoint helps with areas such as contract management.

Discover how a blog—at New Belgium it’s called “The More You Know”—can share information, and why SharePoint makes an ideal employee training portal. New Belgium’s eMentor program allows dispersed employees to check in and learn before their weekly training phone call with a mentor.

Improve your business and its communications. Start here.

October 2012

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Tye Eyden is an employee owner, beer lover, and photographer. He is the communications climate influencer at New Belgium Brewery and has a diverse background in training, facilitation, teaching, management, and mentoring. He also owns his own photography business. His uses SharePoint in internal communications to help his coworkers collaborate and communicate in ways that build on their core values, beliefs and vision.