Corporate storytelling: Winning hearts and minds

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A Microsoft researcher loved Xbox but was frustrated that he was constantly mismatched against experts or novices, Justina Chen says in this webcast.

So he developed an algorithm that crunched 425 million game results, helping players to be matched against those of comparable ability.

When her executive told this story in a speech at a major convention, he was quoted across the board, from mainstream media to influential blogs.

There’s a message to this anecdote, which Chen explains at a Ragan conference on “The Role of Communications in Creating Best Places to Work,” held at SAS headquarters. Stories matter.

If you want to create a message, tell a story.

If you want to control the message, she says, tell a story.

If you want to people to remember your message and your company, tell a story.

Join this enthusiastic advocate of organizational storytelling and find out how to channel your narrative—and win hearts and minds in doing so.

In this practical and inspiring webcast, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create corporate mythology that connects your audience passionately to your company mission with verbal and visual narratives;
  • Develop a compelling story arc based on your company’s unique superpowers and kryptonite (aka strengths and weaknesses);
  • Connect to your audiences with a rich narrative woven with proven storytelling devices, including pacing, dialogue, and wordplay;
  • Find your voice and weave personal stories into powerful narratives that people will remember;
  • Research and write an executive platform infused with values and heart.

Justina draws inspiration from events as unlikely as her frequent encounters with racism in Australia to inspiring kids to write to actor Will Smith and President Obama.

Learn how the right story can turn a message into a movement. Find out how to fashion stories of identity. Discover your power as a corporate troubadour.

The same techniques that once drew crowds to listen to prophets and bards can win retweets and media mentions in contemporary times, she says.

Learn why the explosion of social media will change the way that we tell the stories that we are architecting, and find out why narratives get attention and people remember stories.

Communicate and sell the importance of narrative. Articulate your role as a storyteller to build influence in your organization. Create an organizational mythology that connects your audience to your mission with verbal and visual narratives.

Find out why narratives get attention, and why people remember stories.

“We’re not just talking about message amplification,” Justina says. “We’re talking about total control of your message, especially when your story is quoted verbatim.”

Discover your organization’s narrative—with Justina’s help.

December 2011

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Justina Chen is the former executive communications manager, speechwriter, and publicist for the president of entertainment at Microsoft. Her speeches were lauded as “almost single-handedly changing the way we think about executive communications at Microsoft. Her work has been a staggering reminder of the power of exquisite storytelling.” Justina’s distinctive and effective storytelling style draws on her experience as an award-winning novelist. Most recently, her novel “North of Beautiful” was named a Best Book of the Year by Kirkus Reviews and Barnes & Noble.