Build a Global Master Brand, One Colleague at a Time

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When people buy palm oil these days, they want to know that an orangutan doesn’t die.

They want to know that your food production company isn’t cutting down jungles and depriving endangered species of their habitat, Cargill’s Tim Connelly says.

In other words, consumers want to get to know that mysterious multinational whose ingredients are used in the mac and cheese they dish up for the kids.

And that means branding—something Cargill launched on a major scale. Learn from Cargill’s journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Engage a global network of communicators and local "friendlies" to deepen understanding of, and passion for, the brand
  • Adapt the company's voice to support the brand
  • Foster a culture that honors its brand promise
  • Help leaders understand the full scope of operationalizing a brand
September 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Tim Connelly

Tim Connelly is director of employee communications at Cargill. He works at enlisting 140,000 global colleagues to deliver on Cargill's brand promise to help people and organizations thrive. Cargill is global and complex. Wired and non-wired employees speak many languages and Cargill is decentralized. The brand promise is equal parts what Cargill is and what the company aspires to be. Bringing the brand to life keeps Tim up at night. Previously, Tim was director of employee communications at Best Buy, leading internal branding. Before that, he spent nearly 10 years on IBM's communications team. Before enlisting in the righteous struggle against corporate jargon and technical mumbo-jumbo, Tim taught high school English and journalism and edited his hometown newspaper.