4 tips to build your audience, increase engagement on social media

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When Megan Maisel was named director of a new integrated media communications department at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, audience growth on the Center’s social media was stagnant.

The reason, she said, was that their audience was not fully defined. How can you target an audience if you don’t know who the audience is?

Today's social readers search for valuable information that is easily shareable and straight to the point. Organizations must identify their social media audience first, then build a strategy to grow readership on all social media channels.

In “4 tips to build your audience, increase engagement on social media,” you’ll learn:

  • What questions to ask to find out who your audience is
  • The importance of finding a voice for your organization
  • How to turn complicated information into content that is searchable and easy to understand
  • Ways to engage your audience with clear calls to action
  • How to package and sell one story several different ways
  • The value of producing a good mix of stories

In this session, Maisel shares many examples of how her team at the Cancer Center grows its audience. The Center, which employs 20,000 people, treats 100,000 cancer patients each year. That’s a huge audience that is looking for valuable information. The Center benefits from a stronger communications strategy borne of internal research and analysis.

The most valuable take-away of Maisel’s presentation is this: You may have 13,000 Facebook likes and 8,000 followers on Twitter, as MD Anderson Cancer Center did.

But your first question in your campaign to turn around your social media must be: Are we satisfied with our audience numbers on our big social media channels? If the answer to that question is “No,” then your highest priority should be to re-define your audience or audiences. 

That’s where this video proves invaluable. You’ll see how Maisel and her team took their first steps in re-learning to whom their content ought to appeal. You’ll see how they matched their content’s tone and style to their new, more precise in-house demographic analysis.

And if you follow Maisel’s rules, you’ll see vastly improved statistics on your website visitors, blog readers, comments and other online actions, and a corresponding rise in your new patients or customers.

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November 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Megan Maisel is the director for integrated media communications at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where she leads the organization's social media, multimedia and web communication teams. Before the creation of her team two years ago, Maisel was associate director for internal communications, working on communications for the organization's more than 20,000 employees. Maisel also has worked in employee communications for Continental Airlines and spent several years in local television and radio news.