Why and How to Use Google+ Hangouts on Air

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Shel Holtz wants to know: Why are you ignoring Google+ Hangouts on Air?

Do these points describe your life as a communicator:

  • My bosses look at employee communications as a necessary evil.
  • I’m bored, harassed, overworked and ignored.
  • I put out online and print notices and news that no one reads.
  • I can’t say anything controversial or even interesting in my stories.
  • I want to go in for employee video in a big way. Fat chance of that!

Shel has a way out. He shows you how to escape from boredom, “same old, same old” and being ignored and taken for granted in his new interactive course, “Why and How to Use Google+ Hangouts on Air.”

Holtz believes Hangouts on Air will put your career on a firmer footing. HOA could transform you career—or save it. Your bosses will look at you differently after your first live product launch, recruiting campaign, or quarterly meeting on Hangouts on Air.

Holtz has investigated in depth every feature of Hangouts on Air. He wants employee communicators to feel that Hangouts is THE dividing line between Old and New, between impersonal and intimate communication, between one-size-fits-all messages and rousing participatory dialogue.

Hangouts is so simple. It’s so easy to get up and running. No IT help needed. And it costs next to nothing for equipment.

It’s the first guerilla employee communications instrument.

When you watch Holtz’s interactive course, your first thought will be, “It can’t be that easy to get running!” But it is. And Holtz shows you how:

  • What you can and can’t do with the amazingly versatile Hangouts on Air
  • How top brands like Netflix and Cadbury’s use Hangouts for business
  • Why Hangouts trains customers to use products better than anything else
  • How to get up and running on Hangouts on Air instantly
  • The 6 steps to initiate live Hangouts on Air
  • 9 features that make Hangouts on Air engaging and interactive
  • 11 tips for becoming a better Hangouts on Air host
  • 8 ways to be a perfect guest on someone else’s Hangout

This interactive course is the detailed explanation of Hangouts on Air you need for instant mastery over perhaps the most powerful internal and external communications platform ever offered to organizational communicators.

Want to start over in your organization? Want to communicate on a clean slate? Want to make your bosses say, “Who IS this woman? Does she work here?” Start here.

December 2014

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Shel Holtz, ABC, (@shelholtz) is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, consulting with organizations on content and communication strategies. He has written or co-written six communication books, and is a regular speaker on social media and other communication topics. He is co-host of the first and longest-running PR podcast, “For Immediate Release.” He is an IABC Fellow and a founding fellow of the Society for New Communication Research.