Pinterest: an introduction for communicators

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If you think the era of technological innovation in external corporate PR and internal communications has come to an end, or slowed down, Shel Holtz has a message for you: Get real.

In the last three years, Pinterest has been the fastest-growing social-commercial network on the web, in fact, the fastest-growing commercial site ever. Now more than 70 million users strong, Pinterest boasts an army of viral members: 80% of its pins are actually re-pins.

And these re-pinners spread enthusiasm, admiration, and energy—about every subject and trend and innovation under the sun. That’s why it’s time to expose your employees, customers, vendors, and fans to the Pinterest infection through your organization’s PR and internal communicators.

Holtz believes Pinterest works equally well whether your pin board faces outward to the public, or inward, toward your employees. The principles of engagement are the same, the methods of engaging both groups are the same, and the only important variable is the visual imagination of your organization’s communicators.

That’s the kicker: There are some new rules for good visual communications, but no accepted body of practical truths, no infallible guidelines about how to do visual communications well.

“Pinterest,” a 90-minute interactive course completely redone by Holtz this year, is the most complete, most comprehensive guide yet to the networking intricacies and surprising powers of Pinterest.

Holtz shows you how to structure Pinterest, how to set up Pinterest, so that it reaches out in dozens, or hundreds, of directions simultaneously with maximum effect for your organization’s brand and products.

Holtz asserts that visual communication will dominate internal communication, as it now dominates content marketing, brand journalism, and even reporting in print publications. No longer do images merely illustrate and accompany text. Images rule and guide words.

That is why Pinterest has become an absolute necessity for your organization, exactly like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is the center of a network of images that you must make interesting, beautiful, inspiring, AND helpful to the ordinary user—in short, irresistible.

Holtz gives you truths about Pinterest every communicator would be wise to memorize:

  • Pinterest appeals to more basic, widespread instincts than Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (the visual instinct, the storytelling instinct, the instinct to acquire messages instantly)
  • Pinterest’s search engine inspires users; Google’s search engine only informs users
  • More than 60% of top U.S. brands are on Pinterest
  • Pinterest’s heart and soul are viral: 80% of all pins are re-pins
  • More than 70,000,000 people use Pinterest
  • Pinterest ISN’T just for women: Men are the fastest-growing group on Pinterest
  • Pinterest produces 25% of retail referral traffic
  • Pinterest generates 400% more revenue per click than Twitter
  • Average time spent on a Pinterest visit: 14 minutes
  • Average Order Value on Pinterest: $169. Average on Facebook: $95. On Twitter: $71
  • More U.S. men use Pinterest than read Sports Illustrated & GQ combined
  • International traffic on Pinterest has surged by 125% since 2013
  • Pinterest delivers the highest Average Order Value of all social traffic
  • Pinterest is INCREDIBLY easy to use

Corporate PR specialists: When was the last time you remember a photo spread of your products inspiring a fan or customer to contribute new product ideas in a blog comment?   

Internal communicators: Ask yourself when was the last time employees spent 14 minutes reading a story on your intranet publication. Or 14 minutes on that whole day’s or week’s news?

There’s plenty for internal communicators to chew on in this newly-revised interactive course:

  • Want to stimulate new ideas and new goals in your employees by using imagery?
  • Want to increase employees’ pride in your organization?
  • Give them a popular company-related outlet for their creative energies?
  • Discover natural storytellers and caption-writers in your company’s workforce?
  • Discover unsuspected sources of good company stories for your content marketing?
  • Give consumers, customers, and fans a rare look behind the curtains?

It’s rare to find a guide to an online tool or platform that’s equally useful for an organization’s PR department and its internal communications department. “Pinterest” is one of those guides.

Start Pinterizing your internal and external communications with Ragan Training and Shel Holtz today.

May 2012

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Shel Holtz, ABC, (@shelholtz) is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, consulting with organizations on content and communication strategies. He has written or co-written six communication books, and is a regular speaker on social media and other communication topics.