Interactive Course No. 2: “The Channels of Effective Internal Communication: Non-Digital Channels”

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This course is part of an 8-part series for internal communicators,  the second course in the comprehensive series on internal communications. Click here to see what’s available in the complete series.

Shel opens this course with a cautionary tale from his own employee comms experience: An important change campaign in a huge enterprise got off the wrong foot and failed miserably because senior leadership scuttled Holtz’s plan for a weeks-long, multi-channel appeal to employees.

Instead, the bosses insisted that one special issue of the monthly employee magazine would inform everybody. Guess who was baffled when Holtz did a survey weeks after the article appeared that revealed 60% of employees still didn’t know the business was undergoing any change whatsoever?

The lesson: Don’t rely on one channel, or two, or ten. Sit down and think about what mix of channels will reach everybody. Holtz says, “Choosing the right channel(s) is one of the most important things you can do.” And that’s the theme of this course: How to find and exploit the exact right platform(s) to get your message communicated.

Listen in and learn:

  • How misguided thinking about internal comms by leaders creates havoc for you
  • How to combat your leaders’ delusion that a  “one size fits all” channel gets their message across
  • Why you must devote f your best, more careful thinking to channel selection
  • How to get your audience to tell you what channels they look to for communications
  • The 5 primary audience characteristics to consider when you choose a channel
  • 3 more important considerations before you choose your channel(s)
  • The 8 big print plusses that prove print still lives and will never die
  • The 6 major drawbacks of print
  • How to take advantage of the “overlap zone”: the area where employees are most likely to read messages
  • How to tell stories that get read; how to write to increase employee business literacy
  • “Everything that isn’t face-to-face communication is a corruption of face-to-face”
  • How to rock a town hall
  • Why live-webcast & small-group meetings with leaders are so effective in communicating to employees
  • The most significant question employees ask their supervisors in any face-to-face process
  • Why you must give serious time to the communications training of front-line supervisors
October 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, consulting with organizations on content and communication strategies. He has written or co-written six communication books, and is a regular speaker on social media and other communication topics.