Master the Podcast: How the growing medium can extend your influence

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So you’ve got talent and ideas to share in your organization.

You’re trying to establish thought leadership in your industry.

Learn how to create an audience and extend your influence through the rapidly growing medium of podcasting.

In the Ragan training module “Podcasting: why it matters and how to do it,” Social media visionary Shel Holtz explains why podcasting boosts your brand, is easy to do and costs almost nothing.

Just 30 minutes is all you’ll need to learn:

  • Why individuals, major brands and the mainstream media are podcasting
  • How podcasting creates a following for your brand among customers and in your industry
  • Why the ease and economy of podcasting make it a natural for internal communications
  • Why companies like Disney and Oracle use digital talk to boost connections with customers
  • Why Microsoft and IBM encourage employees to make their own podcasts to share knowledge

Find out how podcasting can be done from your home or office, and why you should invest in a $10 microphone but skip the more expensive equipment.

Hear samples of successful podcasts that engage and motivate employees.

Listen in as employees at Sedgewick CMS give away iPods and discuss the company’s involvement with Major League Baseball. Or as ALTANA Pharmaceuticals shares the thoughts of its VP of marketing.

Holtz tells where you can get the software you need. And before your podcast takes off and exceeds your bandwidth, learn what services will take the strain off your computing.

You’ll hear why a blog will promote your show, and what online services allow listeners to call in live.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how podcasting extends your organization’s voice—and wins you new fans and customers.

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May 2012

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