Justify social media to senior leadership

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Face it: The biggest barrier to powerful social media is senior leadership.


  • 69% of your executives at the highest level play online games in the middle of every work day
  • Your CEO blogs once a month.
  • Your VP of Human Resources sees the great things social media does for recruiting

But these positives don’t mean much when you ask executives for a quarter of a million dollars to start treating social media as a way to make some serious money. They’re deeply skeptical.

They think social media = fooling around at work. Because that’s what it is—for themR&R for harassed execs who need a 30-minute break in the daily chaos.

How do you get past “social media is playing around”?

Here’s how: Take Shel Holtz’ new interactive course,Justify social media to senior leadership.”

Do you want to:

  • Prove a cash ROI from social media?
  • Show bosses social media will help with the problems keeping them up at night?
  • Make social media a critical part of your company’s business plan?
  • Motivate senior execs to act on social media NOW, not three months from now?
  • Learn how fear of consequences makes execs pay attention to social media?

Shel shares dozens of original ideas and answers for each of these crucial questions.

Nothing strikes fear in executives’ hearts more than thinking a competitor has found a decisive competitive advantage in an area unknown or undervalued by them.

Shel knows fear is a big part of sensible business. Fear of risk. Fear of the unknown.

Good business looks for the sure bet. Can you prove social media is a sure bet?

Fear used wisely can be a strong social media ally. Shel shows you how to incorporate fear into your social media argument as a healthy, non-negative, urgent motivator.

Holtz reveals the Four Biggest Executive Fears about Social Media:

  1. Competitors have stolen a march on you in social media
  2. Critics are blasting your company online, using your brand as a kickball
  3. Customer service is losing business
  4. Not doing anything is the biggest risk of all

Shel tells you how to talk about each of these fears. DON’T bluster about how shiny new social media channels will “transform our marketing.” Instead, show with numbers how a competitor beats you to the punch in its social media marketing. Audit your competitor’s online program!

Remember: Sometimes the non-monetary advantages social media brings will sell your leaders better than a data-weak attempt to prove a cash ROI on social media.

Shel discusses how to make social media a flesh-and-blood of your business plan.

How? Start thinking constantly about how social media will help your leaders meet their business plan’s goals in these five areas:

  1. Recruiting and retention. Social media solves the top worry of CEOs—developing leaders—better than any other agency.
  1. Customer satisfaction. A huge array of evidence says that social media has a profound effect on customer satisfaction.
  1. Market share. There’s proof that social media has a big effect on market share, Shel shows you how to find that proof.
  1. The sales funnel. Show execs stats from inbound marketing to drive home social media’s power to grow sales.
  1. External obstacles. Social media magically minimizes risk and de-fuses crises by explaining your company’s position.

Finally, this interactive course gives you more ideas, better ideas, stronger arguments than you’ve ever had for any social media proposal. Shel believes in social media, and he wants you to win your argument with the doubters.

He gives you these powerful weapons:

  • 9 other important benefits of a stronger social media program
  • The 8 most common objections to social media and how to meet them
  • 5 steps to your strongest possible presentation for expanded social media
  • The 3 elements every winning social media business case must have
  • 4 ways social media recruitment clinches the case for more social media

But that’s not all. Shel wants you to see and feel the overwhelming weight of evidence on your side. That’s why Holtz gives you a bibliography packed with resources.

Wait no longer. Acquire this social media arsenal and make yourself your company’s most persuasive social media proponent instantly!

May 2012

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Shel Holtz is the co-author of Tactical Transparency, How to Do Everything with Podcasting, Blogging for Business and three other books. As principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, he has provided communication counsel to PepsiCo, Symantec, The Mayo Clinic, Encyclopedia Britannica, SunLife, Kaiser Permanente, Cargill and Textron. He is a regular speaker at communication conferences, including many Ragan events.