An Introduction to Google+ for Communicators

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What You’ll Learn:: 
Google+. This powerful, underrated network radically changes everything PR and internal communicators do.
If you work in these departments or functions . . .
Employee comms
Internal news gathering
Internal, external brand
Employee engagement
Investor relations
Content marketing
Customer service
Corporate training
Thought leadership
Executive comms
B2B communications
Company SME publicity
Media relations
PR communications
Video news, interviews
Product launch, innovation
Brand journalism
Customer engagement

. . . you must master Google+’s astonishing arsenal of business communication weapons!

You did it. You created your Google+ page before somebody took your company name.
Now what? Post random links? Ignore Google+ and hope it dies because you’re too busy with Facebook and Twitter?
Shel Holtz explains why you need to master this powerful platform, and he shows you how. You’ll learn:

  • Why Google+ will likely revolutionize your online monitoring
  • How it strengthens customer relations and niche marketing
  • Why it’s so powerful in targeted public relations, viral PR and marketing
  • How it can boost internal corporate team collaboration on projects

Get a practical look at the critical PR and employee communications platform of the future in this 90-minute training module written and narrated by the online visionary, Shel Holtz.
Learn how to navigate Google+'s home page. Understand its features, and find out how to get started. Discover how Google+'s Circles empower you to simplify your online life.
Find out how to personalize Google+ Stream so that you control who talks to you. And Holtz explains features of Google+ such as +1, Notifications, video-teleconferencing Hangouts, Chat and Photos.
And Shel doesn’t stop with that. You’ll learn about Google+ and mobile apps and photo auto-uploading from Android smartphones. Google+ and search engine optimization will interest firms already on Google+.
That’s not all. You’ll get these invaluable ideas, facts and arguments:

  • Why other Google tools have made Google+ more vital than ever before to YOU
  • Why Google+ has become an absolute necessity for PR and marketing
  • The 4 critical essentials of starting your company’s own Google+ page
  • The 6 basic features of Google+ in crystal-clear words
  • How to make your Google+ Company page into one of the most versatile business tools ever
  • 5 powerful, immediately usable Google+ tools for organizational communicator
  • 4 statistics to get senior leaders to take action on Google+ right now

There’s more. You’ll master new techniques. Holtz says, “There are hundreds of tricks to improve your ease and efficiency in using Google+.” He provides easy-to-follow help for dozens of Google+ features.
The module ends with further resources for Google+.
That's it. This thumbnail description doesn't begin to do justice to the amazing number of time-saving tips, useful warnings, and imaginative applications you’ll find in this module.
If you're presenting on Google+ to your senior leaders, this is the weapon that’ll blow away the skeptics. If you're getting Google+ to bolster your social media, you'll be staggered by the possibilities!

December 2014

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Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, which advises companies on their digital and traditional communication strategies. He is a seven-time winner of IABC's international Gold Quill award. The author of six books, Holtz also is a long-time blogger and pioneer podcaster. His clients have included Intel, Sears, PepsiCo, General Mills, the World Bank, Disney, FedEx, and National Geographic.