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You’d be surprised how often communicators measure the wrong stuff. This is especially true of Facebook.

Companies spend thousands of dollars to get people to “like” them on Facebook.

Once they accomplish that, they think they’ve been successful. Are they?

Shel Holtz says it’s a common but fatal mistake to assume that lots of Facebook likes = bigger sales. In fact, he says if you’re persuasive enough to get 15% of your visitors to follow your Facebook page on their individual news feeds, you still don’t have the passion that means sales.

That kind of commitment comes from:

  • trust
  • strong interactions
  • shared knowledge
  • common goals
  • mutual passions

You’ll learn exactly how to get that commitment from vendors, business buyers, and prospective partners in Shel Holtz’ latest interactive course, “Facebook for B2B.”

For superior B2B marketing on Facebook, you must put two myths about online B2B out of your mind:

  1. Social media isn’t favorable to B2B marketing.
  2. Social media is better at B2C marketing than it is at B2B.

In fact, Shel says, it’s the opposite!

Fact: 93% of B2B marketers use social media.
Fact: B2B Facebook pages get a higher percentage of likes and comments than B2C Facebook pages.

This is just the beginning of Holtz’ remarkable exploration of the heart of Facebook for B2B. Shel goes on to show you:

  • The 13 elements of a model Facebook B2B page
  • Your biggest opportunity to grab the attention of someone who lands on your page
  • How to market indirectly through Facebook visitor comments
  • The 2 kinds of posts you must have on your Facebook page
  • The top 5 ways to get B2B visitors to “like” your page
  • 4 kinds of fan interactivity that score heavily on Facebook’s content algorithm
  • 9 ways to muscle up your EdgeRank scores for your page content
  • Why videos earn the most weight on Facebook’s EdgeRank scale for content
  • 4 ideas for posting powerful photos that’ll grab the attention of B2B buyers and potential business partners


Holtz hasn’t forgotten how businesses sold to businesses before the Internet came along. He discusses how to blend traditional marketing with social selling.

You’ll hear:

  • 5 traditional sales aids that work best on Facebook pages
  • Hints to make each premium even more alluring to B2B audiences
  • The tremendous selling power of your company’s Facebook Timeline that is the crown jewel of his presentation

Shel reveals how to make your Timeline a powerful influence on potential B2B vendors and clients:

  • The 10 kinds content that lure B2B’ers to return to your Facebook page
  • The most powerful type of testimonial
  • Put research updates on Timeline. They’re big sellers
  • Why posting industry controversy builds trust—and conversation—like nothing else

Did you know there was so much to learn about B2B marketing on Facebook? Did you know:

  • 41% of B2B companies on Facebook have landed a customer there
  • 93% of business buyers think all companies should be on social media
  • 85% of business buyers believe companies shouldn’t just present info on social media—they should also interact and engage vendors, potential partners, and buyers

What are you waiting for? Take your Facebook statistics to your bosses and say: “Here is why we’re on Facebook. Here is why we must exploit Facebook the same way we exploit traditional advertising.”

May 2012

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Shel Holtz is the co-author of Tactical Transparency, How to Do Everything with Podcasting, Blogging for Business and three other books. As principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, he has provided communication counsel to PepsiCo, Symantec, The Mayo Clinic, Encyclopedia Britannica, SunLife, Kaiser Permanente, Cargill and Textron. He is a regular speaker at communication conferences, including many Ragan events.