Crafting Your Company's Social Media Policy

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It could happen this very night. A reckless employee posts, from a smartphone in a bar, a rant in your organization’s name. Or tweets a snarky put-down of a customer, client or patient.

Don’t leave yourself exposed to fallout and liability by staff misuse of social media. And educate your staff so that they learn how to enjoy social media—responsibly.

Create a policy, but make sure it’s a wise one. In this training module, social media expert Shel Holtz gives examples of successful social media policies that have proven effective at the world’s most innovative companies.

Learn to draft guidelines that:

  • Bring peace of mind to Legal—and everyone else in your company
  • Put employees at ease online
  • Maximize employees’ helpfulness online
  • Make your online marketing, PR and customer relations more effective

This 75-minute module makes it a snap to write a strong social media policy. Let Shel show six resources that make an ironclad case for writing your policy. He explains why your existing email and telephone policies just won’t cut it in the digital world. Discover his nine-step procedure you can use to create a social media policy with minimum hassle.

Find out whether you need stand-alone or supplemental policies to address the most popular—and risky—sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Consider why listing best practices can help overcome the negativity of the list of “don’ts” that inevitably make up social media policies. And Shel lists examples of best-practice social media policies from IBM, Intel, Coca-Cola, Mayo Clinic, and others.

Figure out everything you’ll need to win your executives’ enthusiastic buy-in for your social media plans. By the time you’re through, you’ll know how to write the perfect social media policy for your organization.

June 2011

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Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, which advises companies on their digital and traditional communication strategies. He is a seven-time winner of IABC's international Gold Quill award. The author of six books, Holtz also is a long-time blogger and pioneer podcaster. His clients have included Intel, Sears, PepsiCo, General Mills, The World Bank, Disney, FedEx, and National Geographic.